Chapter 7

Jack Beath post World War 1

Ian William Beath arrives and so does World War 2

 1938 was a momentous year. We returned from Moruya and things went normally. There was an occasional trip to Brisbane in the car on Saturday morning and I recollect going across the Brisbane River on a vehicle ferry at Oxford Street Bulimba.

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Chapter 6

The Kelly family circa early 1920's

Trip to Moruya 1937 to visit the Bethe family

It must have been the August school holidays in 1937 when we went camping at Beachmere for a week or so. There was the marquee tent, the cast iron camp oven with lid and tripod stand folding camp stretchers and mosquito nets. At Beachmere the tide seemed to go out for miles and leave pools of water with fish trapped in them.

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Chapter 5

Scouts camps circa early 1940's

Wolf cubs at Kitchener Park & Scouts camps at Capalaba and Rochdale

I have given a description of the places I grew up in and now realise the influence they played in my life. I was a shy, quiet child accustomed to keeping himself amused. An only child to this stage, I was used to keeping out of the way of adults, of not being a nuisance. 

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Chapter 3

Family Holidays at Childers Farm 

I was the eldest grandchild and the first one of many to come and enjoy a holiday on the farm. My uncles and aunts were much older than me so my time on the farm was spent mostly amusing myself and possibly being a nuisance to others, but I think of them as good days. 

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