Chapter 106

Kangaroo Point community

July 4th 1987 came and Rebecca was launched six years ago. There was always lot to be done in all areas of my life. As a family, we all enjoyed the day trips at weekends and motored from the mooring in the river to the marina berth at RQYS as the pressure of work kept me up the river longer. Saturday, 18th July, was a memorable day as the Gold Coast Seaway Tower was opened at 14.30 hrs. This was a project Lloyd did using precast tilt panels for the Gold Coast Waterways Authority, so we were invited to the opening, but the morning was more memorable when the ferry pulled alongside with Lyndon, who came on board and advised me I was a grandfather. Rebecca has a son, Patrick Ainsley Murphy and all is well in spite of high blood pressure the day before. Patrick arrived on 0500 hours on the 18th.

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Chapter 105

What a small world we live in: Rebecca as a Len Hedges Domingo Class design is recognised as a close sibling to Cassie, a ferro cement version of the same design

The Johnsonian Club outing was organised for a wet Sunday, 14th December. Peter Elliott and his family came with Jesse and family on Rebecca. A storm hit us at the Hanlon beacon from the N.N.E. 25-30 knots, so sails were reduced and the conditions over ‘the Paddock’ were such that I somehow got disoriented moving about in the storm that I hit the sand and coral near the Hanlon beacon but got off using the motor and joined Paul O’Hare in Flyaway for lunch at the Lazarette. It was still an enjoyable day and we returned to Manly with a 15-25knot NNE breeze late afternoon. While the boat was at Manly I had the motor serviced and oil and filters changed and topped up the fuel tanks. On the Sunday before Christmas Oscar came with me, sailing from Manly as far as Doboy Creek then motor to Kangaroo Point. It was more convenient to have Rebecca there for me to get to work and I enjoyed the trips up and back.

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Chapter 104

Queensland Department of Harbours and Marine conferences and site inspections, obligations and solutions

The last week in September was hectic in the office. I had several days on higher duties acting for the Principal Engineer and Lloyd acted for me in Harbour Works. It was the custom for one of the Senior Engineer to act for the Principal Engineer when he is absent and my turn had come round.
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Chapter 103

Never a dull moment living in the Brisbane River “I’m ok but Peter needs help”

Now I was back in the office commuting to Manly each day. I had the engines serviced by Goleby and Bain and screech in the generator set was caused by a bolt in the flexible coupling and fixed under warranty. It was more convenient for me to have Rebecca at Kangaroo Point so I returned there on Sunday 20th July and remained until the beginning of August.
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Chapter 102

They say all things come in threes

We had left this mooring 20.00 hrs. Thursday, 15th May and returned 1900 hrs, Thursday, 26th June. In that period of five weeks we covered approximately 2,400 miles to Vila and back and experienced as close an encounter with a cyclone as I ever wish to have. They say “things come in threes”; in our case the first thing was changing from “cruising” to “arbitrary” division to satisfy Dale Smith who did not even start.
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