Chapter 103

Never a dull moment living in the Brisbane River “I’m ok but Peter needs help”

Now I was back in the office commuting to Manly each day. I had the engines serviced by Goleby and Bain and screech in the generator set was caused by a bolt in the flexible coupling and fixed under warranty. It was more convenient for me to have Rebecca at Kangaroo Point so I returned there on Sunday 20th July and remained until the beginning of August.

Back to Manly and I was there when Dana and Maree contacted me to stay on Rebecca for four days before leaving for Cairns. They came aboard on Sunday, 17th August in the rain and we left for Kangaroo Point. I was down below for a short time with Rebecca on auto pilot when there was a crunch and the yacht stopped. We had hit Lytton Rocks at low tide near the green buoy. There should have been 2.4m. from H&M chart but the Admiralty chart shows 1.2 m. and I thought I knew this area so well. Fortunately no damage was done.

Tuesday, 19th August, Dana & Maree left for Cairns. Saturday, 23rd August, Oscar, Rebecca and Lyndon came with me down the Bay leaving from Kangaroo Point. We ended up at King Island rafting up with Cooloola, Pineapple Poll and Zara 11. After spending the night at Manly we returned to Kangaroo Point arriving 18.30hrs in the rain. You never know what to expect when living on a yacht especially in Brisbane. Friday, 19th September, after a good night at the Johnsonian Club I was asleep on board Rebecca moored just upstream of the ferry pontoon opposite the Customs House when I was awakened by a strange sound. When I went up on deck I saw a person holding on to the toe rail and a voice said, “I’m O.K., but Peter needs help”, I then saw Peter hanging on to the overturned dinghy. Anyway, I pulled them on board and righted the dinghy. The oars stayed on board the dinghy. Peter and Helen had missed the last ferry from Edward Street, City and decided to swim across. The tide was going out and they ended up about a kilometre down- stream and were lucky to have survived in the cold water. I gave them towels to dry off and cardigans to keep them warm then rowed them to the ferry pontoon. I received a letter of thanks with the return of the cardigans.

Just goes to show there is never a dull moment.