Chapter 14

YMCA and Wynnum State High School

At the age of twelve I joined the Y M C A in Brisbane. Meetings were held at the YMCA building in Edward Street city between Adelaide and Ann Streets now occupied by Watkins Place development. I would catch the train to the city on Saturday mornings then a tram across the river and down Queen Street and then walk up Edward Street.

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Chapter 13

The war comes to Australia and to Moreton Bay

We relied on the Americans to save us from Japanese invasion as there was the extensive bombing of Darwin, bombing of Townsville, the shelling of Sydney ocean beaches from offshore submarines, and the intrusion of midget submarines into Sydney harbour with the damage and fright caused.
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Chapter 9

Escapades with Ralph

When Australia went to war I was in Grade III at Wynnum Central State School.  I came top of the class of the class of 38 students.  I remember this because your seating position in class was determined by your results, so I was seated in the back row. For the following years in primary school it was either Beryl Fiege or Brian Smith in the top place.
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Chapter 7

Jack Beath post World War 1

Ian William Beath arrives and so does World War 2

 1938 was a momentous year. We returned from Moruya and things went normally. There was an occasional trip to Brisbane in the car on Saturday morning and I recollect going across the Brisbane River on a vehicle ferry at Oxford Street Bulimba.

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