Chapter 12

Roy Kelly and Pearl Mittlehauser make the ultimate sacrifice in defending Singapore

1941 was a momentous year. We still went to Childers for Christmas holidays and Roy and Pearl were still in Brisbane at the beginning of the year, but during the year there were troop movements everywhere and both Roy and Pearl ended up in Malaya. When trekking to Childers by train there was and still is a single track to Cairns and passenger trains were often shunted to a riding while troop trains headed north or south.
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Chapter 10

Early War years 1939 – 1940

Initially the war did not affect us noticeably.  Men and women joined the services and were sent overseas to Britain, Europe, and North Africa and later to Malaya. Children had fathers absent overseas. Australian pilots played an important role in the Battle for Britain and industry and agriculture were gearing up.
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