Chapter 62

The first build of Rebecca – 1/12 inch model

Now I had the plans I had to plan the work schedule, buy tools and put my money where my mouth was. My first project was to build a model of the hull on a scale of 1 inch to 1 foot or 1/12. To do this I cut the frames out of balsa wood, stood them upside down on a strong back frame fixed to a plank the same way I would build the hull and braced the frames. Then the hull sheeting was secured to the frames, overlapping the cine position.
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Chapter 47

1971- 1972 Conversion to Metric system

By now I had been appointed Engineer Class II and at times acting as Engineer Class III when the Supervising Structural Engineer was absent and everyone stepped up one grade on to higher duties. Ian had bought a trimaran, a 30 foot Nichols design which needed some work to fix it and this gave him an interest away from the motel. I was having trouble with the outboard motor, a Tohatsu and ended up selling it to Ian and buying a new Chrysler 20 HP outboard for $600 so now we could go out with a reliable motor.

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Chapter 12

Roy Kelly and Pearl Mittlehauser make the ultimate sacrifice in defending Singapore

1941 was a momentous year. We still went to Childers for Christmas holidays and Roy and Pearl were still in Brisbane at the beginning of the year, but during the year there were troop movements everywhere and both Roy and Pearl ended up in Malaya. When trekking to Childers by train there was and still is a single track to Cairns and passenger trains were often shunted to a riding while troop trains headed north or south.
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Chapter 11

Queensland Polio Outbreak 1941

Sometime around 1940-41 there was a poliomyelitis outbreak in Queensland. This resulted in paralysis of the affected limb and there was controversy over the treatment for this paralysis, ranging from immobilisation of the limb to manipulation and massage.
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