Chapter 34


In Moresby I was offered a position in Kavieng as Treasury Clerk and accepted this. Betty was happy with this situation and we went to Kavieng, the main town on the tip of New Ireland, aboard the “Soochow”. From my point of view I had given up the job I really liked but would finish my term with the Administration and we were still like a couple of kids absorbed in each other.

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Chapter 32

John the Maverick: Inland patrol with Betty

It was now time to go on patrol on my own. This was to be inland, by launch to Robinson River, then a day’s walk to the village on the banks of a substantial river. Betty said she would like to go as well and the ADO gave his permission. It was sort of unheard of for a CPO to have a wife and to take her on patrol so we took advantage of the opportunity. A few years before this there was a CPO killed at Telefomin in the Highlands making the Administration aware of the dangers which we may confront.

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Chapter 29

Daily Routine on Abau

Office procedures were many and varied. The hours were from 8a.m. to 12 mid-day then 1.00p.m. to 4.30p.m. Radio schedules to Moresby Radio were at 10.15a.m. and 1.40p.m. These included meteorological information, wind speed, direction, rain, cloud cover, barometric pressure as well as telegrams cables or radiograms. The set used was an AWA – 3BZ transmitter and tuner. I still remember the procedure…Moresby Radio, Moresby Radio, Moresby Radio, this is ABAU, ABAU, ABAU…go ahead ABAU etc., Then there was the general business, treasury instructions and returns, stores, inventories and returns, Commonwealth Bank, payment of native wages and other returns. The district store had a good supply of tinned meat, rice, sugar, tea, salt, flour and this was supplemented by purchasing from the local villages fish, fruit and vegetables through the District Office for distribution to native employees, police, prisoners and the hospital.
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