Chapter 40

New career Path – Commonwealth Department of Works [Works and Perks or Works and Jerks?]

A vacancy arose for an Engineer Class 1 in the Engineering Design Section in Brisbane with a commencing salary of 2347 pounds. I applied for the position and was appointed on 1st November, 1965 with a six month probationary period. It was with reluctance that I handed in my notice to Tony Tod because I felt comfortable working there and was continually learning, but I was aware of the constant pressure which never seemed to let up; I left on good terms and joined the Commonwealth Department of Works, Terrica House, 130 Creek Street, Brisbane as Engineer Class 1. This was the starting classification for a qualified engineer in a four tier scale where you progress with experience, but not necessarily so, for when a vacancy arose either through expansion or promotion you could expect promotion to the next level. Class 3 was a supervising section and at Class 4 you were appointed head of the section answering to the Assistant Director of Works.

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