This memoir of the late John Beath tells a story of hard work, expertise and adventure.

John’s  childhood in the 1930s was spent  in the Queensland bayside town of Wynnum, and his love of the ocean plays a major role in this story of his life. In the 1950s, his spirit of adventure took him to remote parts of Papua New Guinea, where he worked for some time as a patrol officer, then (never one to do things by halves) John studied to become a  civil, a mechanical and also an electrical engineer.

John’s great determination, expertise, sense of adventure and love of the sea blended in spectacular fashion  when he built his own steel hulled yacht Rebecca and sailed her away, voyaging and racing in the South Pacific and eventually sailing her, solo, right around the world.

Expect to find in these memoirs much that is good historical fact, something of the skills of engineering and plenty of the life story of a remarkable man.