Chapter 111

John Beath Obituary

Retirement, the self imposed deadline; I was proud to have worked at the Department of Harbours and Marine

Now I had a self-imposed close of business date to finish of retiring on close of business 18th November 1988 and could plan for Rebecca’s voyage. There was dental work, medical checks, boat safety gear, charts, spare parts etc., etc., all to be completed before Christmas. The boat went on the slip at Morris Marina on 14th October and Lyndon and Oscar helped me with antifouling and treating any rust spots on toe rail brackets and transom. Peter Anderson designed and organised the casting of a metal stamp for ship’s papers which he delivered to me as well as the rubber stamp Rebecca.

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Chapter 110

1988 was the year all of the little things needed to be done or finished

This was the year all of the little things needed to be done or finished. It is easy to put off doing things because you are too busy, but they catch up with you in the end. Early retirement was coming in for those 55 years and over and I had decided to retire at the end of the year when I was 58 and begin my cruising life on Rebecca before Christmas and before I turned 59 on 6th January, 1989. Things were going to plan.

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Chapter 109

Holiday Leave for the Brisbane to Noumea Race

This year I ended up with two extra assignments at work. Firstly I was to be the Department’s representative on a committee preparing a submission for the Royal Commission into grain handling, storage and transport. The Department’s interest in this went as far as estimates for marine works for channel dredging, wharf construction etc., and attendance at meetings to ensure the tight time-table for the report was met. Secondly I ended up Chairman of Organising Committee for the second Ports and Harbours and Offshore Engineering Conference to be held in Brisbane, October 25-27 in 1988.

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Chapter 108

Brisbane to Gladstone 1988

I became a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia on 4th February, 1988. This was of immense importance to me as I was always conscious that I had not finished the degree course and this was an acknowledgement by my peer group that I had reached the required standard and experience and complimented my appointment when I was registered as a Professional Engineer on 27th January, 1987.

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Chapter 107

This time I end up in the river – Someone is looking after me

On Monday, 28th September 1987, the Department moved from Turbot Street to Mineral House in George Street and I ended up with an office over-looking the South Bank site which was being prepared for EXPO.

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